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We have the distinct pleasure of being a congregation with open hearts for folks of all walks of life. 


Families with children and youth find FPC a great place to connect, learn and grow in faith; a place where children and youth are not only nurtured in faith but where they are a vital part of the life of the congregation.


Singles - whether older or younger, whether by choice or not - find a welcome community of potential friends. 


People whose spouses are connected with other religious traditions or whose spouses are not church-goers will find a welcome community here - one which welcomes the spouse at their own comfort level.


Adults whose work takes them away for significant amounts of time, and people whose stage of life has allowed them to travel, find FPC very open to their coming and going - with the congregation praying God speed when they are away and warmly receiving them upon their return.


Military or military-connected folks will find FPC a welcoming place where feeling at home is a common experience. We have many who currently serve or are retired from military service who are active in our congregation.

LGBT guests and members are welcomed with open arms and fully affirmed. We will accept you and extend God's love to you the same as anyone else.

Whoever you are, whatever road you may have travelled, we are hopeful that you will find a place of acceptance with us to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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