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The Life of the Church

Do you have a story to share? We are looking for stories that might be about the following:

· How FPC has been a part of your life and your faith

· How you have experienced God at FPC

· Where you see God growing and changing us, or how you’ve seen God at work in our ministries here and in the community

· What FPC means to your family

· Why you give (money, time, whatever) to FPC

· Your dreams for FPC and why you want others to be a part of that

· What God’s abundant life means to you

We would love to have you share your story in worship in October or November. But if you’re absolutely terrified or speaking live in public—remember, though, you’re braver than you think!—we have some other options:

-Making a video of you speaking that can be shown in church (either I can take the video or you can do it selfie style)

-Writing out your story and having someone else read it

Remember, too, that your story doesn’t need to be about flashing lights, angels descending from heaven, or some other dramatic tale. Often God moves in our lives in incredibly ordinary ways, and so it’s the stories of God’s grace unfolding in community, slowly over time, that we can all relate to.

Pray about it, and if you’re even the tiniest bit willing to consider sharing, please let me know. Thank you for considering!

We welcome and celebrate kids in worship! Our new worship cart is ready to go! Kids are welcome to use the items during worship; everything has been thoughtfully picked to help enhance their learning and experience of worship. All our young people are invited to decorate their very own worship bag during Fellowship time today!

Several members of the Doris Dahl Memorial Garden (DDMG) team, as well as church treasurer, Dani Cole and Doyle Linder trimmed and removed several decades of long neglected and overgrown shrubbery surrounding the DDMG a few weeks ago. Located on the southeast side of the church building, plans to renovate and expand this garden site are being developed by the DDMG team with input and recommendations from the congregation. If you would like to join this team or need additional information about this project, please see team members: Tom Arney, Becky Brecht, Alicea Hardesty, Charlene Knowles, Lin Linder, Lynn Phipps, Lucy Smith, or Janice Stanton.

We continue a new focus in worship, where we will follow the “big story” of the Bible for a year, using the Narrative Lectionary. We will go from Creation through the early Christian church. The scriptures we will explore show the breadth and variety of voices within Scripture. They invite us to hear the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Moses and the prophets, Jesus, and Paul. This year we'll be moving through Year 2 of the Narrative Lectionary which means we'll focus on the gospel of Mark in the Spring after spending the fall and early winter in the Old Testament.

Pondering pre- or post-retirement identity? Or just want to discuss with others who “get it” about navigating a new phase in your life? This theme has been bubbling up in the church recently, and so I’m wondering if one of you might start up a conversation. This could be a book group, a casual meet-up during Fellowship Hour, or whatever else you might dream of. Talk to Chelsea if this topic is stirring in your soul and you might be able to organize or lead a conversation/group. We will have an interest meeting TODAY during Fellowship Hour.

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